Fire Alarms in London, Essex, and Hertfordshire

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Fire alarm

At Bell Security Systems in London, Essex, and Hertfordshire we have more than 40 years of experience in installing fire alarms for homes. We will design and install high-quality fire alarm systems to your property, tailored to both your home and your requirements. We can repair and install fire, smoke, and heat detectors to the most important areas in your property, making sure you are fully protected should a fire occur.

Our team are highly experienced and can offer advice and guidance on any of our systems if you are unsure how they work.

We will carry out a full survey of your property and offer advice on the fire alarm systems we will install. We will provide the customer with a free quotation for any work needed to be carried out.

Fire Alarms for Houses in Multiple Occupation

If you own an HMO, by law you need to meet specific requirements when it comes to safety of your property and those living in it. One of the most important types of safety equipment is a fire alarm.

Bell Security Systems can install fire alarms for HMOs which is all part of the mandatory legal requirements for owning an HMO. Requirements differ depending on the size of the property. One and two storey homes need smoke and CO2 alarms in high risk areas, such as kitchens , however three storey properties need an alarm with a central panel, as well as a smoke and CO2 alarm. Speak to our professional team today if you're unsure.

Fire Alarms for Rental Properties

As a landlord you're required by law to have at least one smoke alarm installed on each floor of the rental property, as well as a carbon monoxide alarm in any room that has a solid fuel burning appliance, such as a wood burning stove.

As well as making sure that a fire alarm is installed it is also a landlord's responsibility to repair or replace an alarm as soon as you're made aware of a fault.

Speak to a member of the team at Bell Security Systems when you need a fire alarm for a rental property.

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